New Nutrition

  • New York Magazine posted an article this weekend about the juice craze that it sweeping the fit nation. Interviewee Allison shares her person story of juice cleansing and how it changed her life.
  • Fitness blog Hip & Healthy posted an article about foods that could help prevent injury. The blog lists different nutrients, their benefits and what foods they can be found in.  
  • In honor of colleges’ rapidly approaching finals, this article discussed the repercussions of not getting enough sleep before big tests.

Four-legged Running Partner

University of Kansas student stays fit by running with her dog. These runs are beneficial to her health as well as her dog’s.

They can be seen everyday on any and every street of Lawrence: Lawrence residents out running with their dogs.

Taylor Locke, a junior from Wichita, is no exception. Locke is a KU student as well as a proud dog owner. On top of her class-work load and her passion to be fit is the added responsibility of her one-year-old dog, Addi.

LOCKE: “I like to go running with my dog because it gives not only me exercise, but my dog exercise too. It wares her out a little bit so I can get some stuff done at home.”

Locke says Addi is the most rambunctious she’s ever been now that she’s fully grown. Because they live in an apartment without the benefit of a backyard, Locke uses her runs as a way to make sure Addi is spending plenty if time outdoors.

This is Samantha Darling for KU Fit Fam.

Fresh Fitness

  • Kathleen Palmer wrote a personal post yesterday about how important your mental attitude is when trying to get fit. “The most important part of your body you need to change is the 6 inches between your ears.”
  • Fitness blogger Gina of posted yesterday about the struggle of trying to keep healthy eating up on the weekends. This post talks about her splurge weekend and some recipes for getting back on track during this week.
  • Another great personal blog, the Jerd, is a fitness blog and its mission is to make “fitness and healthy lifestyles accessible to geeks the world over!” His post over the weekend is “Nerd-cord fitness” beginner ab workout.

Hopping Health

  • An article published by the Carroll County Times states that college drinking is at its highest in students freshmen year. The first six months can make a break a college academic career
  • Last week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved nutritional supplement, Clinolipid, to alleviate a drug shortage. The drug is an injectable nutrition supplement.
  • Blogger Lauren MacGuidwin complied a list of 7 food and fitness apps that can be used everyday. These apps range from one to find wine online to one that turns your run into an online zombie game.

My personal story of sprinting

“Hi this is Samantha Darling. I’m 21 years old and a senior at the University of Kansas. In grade school I wasn’t really very active and was pretty chunky. Up until that point I had always been self-conscience about my body. 7th grade was the first time I played sports competitively. That fall we would run sprints everyday during volleyball practice. I remember the first week or so I would come home and just lie down on my bed and instantly fall asleep- shoes on, on top of the covers everything. As the season wore on I saw the weight fall off. I felt better about myself. I felt healthier. I played sports all through high school and for each sport we did sprints. And now 10 years later I still run sprints a couple week. They suck. Your legs burn a lot but I know it works. I know its worth it”

New Nutrition

  • has an article about the dangers of “fitspo” on social media such as Pinterest and Tumblr. Motivational sayings displayed across images of too thin girls may be doing more harm than good for people using these images as workout motivation.
  • Angie Ferguson, exercise physiologist, did an article for all about how to properly pace your workout. Ferguson explains why starting a workout too hard and fast could be unproductive in more than one way.
  • published an article last week about how your campus health center can be more helpful than just when you’re feeling sick. Its services generally also include providing care for chronic health issues and controlling illnesses on campus.
  • The Oklahoma State University based webpage posted an article last week about eating disorders in college. The article includes symptoms and warning signs of the five most common disorders for college aged students.