My personal story of sprinting

“Hi this is Samantha Darling. I’m 21 years old and a senior at the University of Kansas. In grade school I wasn’t really very active and was pretty chunky. Up until that point I had always been self-conscience about my body. 7th grade was the first time I played sports competitively. That fall we would run sprints everyday during volleyball practice. I remember the first week or so I would come home and just lie down on my bed and instantly fall asleep- shoes on, on top of the covers everything. As the season wore on I saw the weight fall off. I felt better about myself. I felt healthier. I played sports all through high school and for each sport we did sprints. And now 10 years later I still run sprints a couple week. They suck. Your legs burn a lot but I know it works. I know its worth it”


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