Four-legged Running Partner

University of Kansas student stays fit by running with her dog. These runs are beneficial to her health as well as her dog’s.

They can be seen everyday on any and every street of Lawrence: Lawrence residents out running with their dogs.

Taylor Locke, a junior from Wichita, is no exception. Locke is a KU student as well as a proud dog owner. On top of her class-work load and her passion to be fit is the added responsibility of her one-year-old dog, Addi.

LOCKE: “I like to go running with my dog because it gives not only me exercise, but my dog exercise too. It wares her out a little bit so I can get some stuff done at home.”

Locke says Addi is the most rambunctious she’s ever been now that she’s fully grown. Because they live in an apartment without the benefit of a backyard, Locke uses her runs as a way to make sure Addi is spending plenty if time outdoors.

This is Samantha Darling for KU Fit Fam.


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