New Nutrition

  • New York Magazine posted an article this weekend about the juice craze that it sweeping the fit nation. Interviewee Allison shares her person story of juice cleansing and how it changed her life.
  • Fitness blog Hip & Healthy posted an article about foods that could help prevent injury. The blog lists different nutrients, their benefits and what foods they can be found in.  
  • In honor of colleges’ rapidly approaching finals, this article discussed the repercussions of not getting enough sleep before big tests.

One thought on “New Nutrition

  1. I like how the first two stories were somewhat connected to each other. It gives us a more a rounded view of the these recent advances in nutrition. Especially with the juice cleanse story, which is something a few of my friends have done in the past. I never quite understood it but your post helped me understand more about that juice cleanse trend.

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