Keeping healthy and colorful throughout dull winter

Winter is rapidly approaching and it is easy to imagine only snow-covered ground and all the vegetation dying. Something to brighten the dark days of winter is the fruit and vegetables that natural grow during the season. Oranges, kiwi, kale and Brussels sprouts are winter seasonal produce.


Fruits and vegetables have a better taste and require less chemicals to grow in their traditional season.


Preventive Medicine published an article about the health benefits of citrus fruits and specifically highlights oranges. The article states that oranges are a natural anti-inflammatory and help to prevent tumor activities.


Prevention (India Edition) highlights the perks of the kiwi fruit in “Beauty benefits of Kiwi.” This article says that the kiwi is even higher in vitamin C than oranges, which tend to be the poster fruit for vitamin C. It is also a good source of vitamins K and E, and antioxidants.


According to “Beauty benefits of Kiwi” the fruit is also good for the skin.


“The nutrient dense brown and green fruit also has anti-ageing properties,” the article reads. “The C vitamin promotes the growth of collagen, necessary for maintaining the elasticity of skin. Vitamin K and E, protect skin from degeneration.”


Kale is variation from other lettuces with its dense leaves and dark blue/green color. Besides it’s looks it is also packed with nutrients. Nutrition’s article “Kale: Strong on Nutrition and Flavor” found that one cup of kale has over 200% the daily value of vitamin A.


Another seasonal vegetable is Brussels sprouts. IDEA Fitness Journal’s article “The benefits of Brussels sprouts” contains a thorough list of its health contents. Brussels sprouts is high in fiber, folic acid, both vitamins C and K. They are also cholesterol free and low in both fat and sodium.


There are many other winter seasonal vegetables and fruits not listed here. The ones touched on here are colorful to help brighten the winter months as well as add to your nourishment. There is no better time to dig into this produce so eat up.


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